Digital Publishing

Considering the great potential in Iran’s mobile gaming market, and relying on our expertise in digital media industry, we formed partnerships with the best international publishers to monetize their games in this profitable market. Also we help the growing community of Iranian developers to publish their games in international channels.

Digital Advertisement

We design and run top notch managed digital campaigns working with leading local and international publishers. With customers ranging from global brands to local SMEs, our Deema solution delivers real and measurable results. Our campaigns include banner, video, native and several other innovative advertisement methods on mobile and web.

Telco Digital Services

Since 2012, millions of people have enjoyed our top quality telco digital services. We provide varied services to create a wonderful experience for our users. By forming excellent relationships with all three Iranian mobile operators, we offer the greatest monetization opportunity and the quickest commercialization process for service providers.

Video on Demand

Seizing the growing need for user control over movie watching experience, we developed the first and most advanced video streaming platform in Iran. By continuously improving the quality and quantity of our content portfolio, we do our best to constantly entertain our viewers.